Budi and Saltie cover

Saltie is a cool and friendly saltwater croc from Down Under who is swept by a big storm at sea to the land of Borneo where he befriends a local boy named Budi. Follow them for more hilarious fun and laughter as they meet orangutans, hornbills, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and more interesting wildlife on the world's third largest island.

Rainbow mangroves

Elephant trunk croc

Hornbill feed

Orangutan ebookreader

Orangutan text accident

Three proboscis monkeys

Tablet support croc

Oil palm face

Logs and dam


Other strips:

Elephant crossing

Borneo rivals


Hornbill honk

Orangutan tail

River traffic

Camera trapper

Fishing hole

Elephant deal

Hornbill feed

Turtle beach

Orangutan and ebooks

Pacing up and down

Three proboscis monkeys

Rafflesia meal

Dive tourism

Texting and climbing

Elephant teeth

Orangutan long arm

Rainbow mangroves

Oil palm facepalm

Logs and dam

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